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Laundry Booster
Sherri Permeswaran
Great Product, Great Customer Service

This product really helps to get urine out of my Scooter's laundry. He is 17 years old and has accidents, but the laundry booster takes care of the odor. I used to wash Scooter's towels twice, but now they smell good after one wash.
The customer service is very friendly and prompt!

Noticed a difference on first wash!!

I used this shampoo + conditioner for the first time and I noticed a huge difference. Our pup’s fur is noticeably softer and has stayed soft all week! The smell is great and soothing!

I recommend this product!

So Far, So Good!

I have been using this on my border collie/lab mix that loves to chew on everything and so far, it's been working and we're so happy! No more chewed up furniture and walls! Thank you :)


This Pet Odor Eliminator is absolutely AMAZING! It will remove ANY pet smell.. from potty accidents to cleaning up when they’re sick. It completely removes the smells that would normally stick around for a while. We even use it in our cars to get rid of their odors on long trips!

A definite must have for any pet owner!

This laundry booster is awesome!

The laundry booster works wonders on our smelly dog laundry!

smells sooo good

Love the big bottle and the smells are not overpowering, they’re refreshing!

Works SO good!

I was super impressed with how well this worked! A mystery brown dog stain on my rug disappeared a minute or two after spraying! Way better than other pet stain removers I've used in the past!

Urine & Odor Destroyer
Julie Johnson
Pleasant scent

Gentle and nice scent that I used to spray in the dogs’ room/beds.

awesome product

loved these products so much. smells good and great for dogs

Works well

It definitely takes the smell away but smells kinda weird when you spray it

Very happy

Love it !! Does not have any smell !! Is clear won’t harm anything you spray it on

Urine & Odor Destroyer
Melissa Martinez
Magic potion

Love that it can be sprayed in anything , since it is clear , highly recommended, I have 3 male dogs and 3 rabbits and worked well ;) will buy more !!

So far so good it's gotten rid of the urine order and I haven't seen any new markings

Very gentle shampoo

Smells good; not too strong and rinsed off the dogs easily.

Laundry Booster
Lori Reyes
Great products

I have 2 dogs and one is potty training so these products have been a Godsend.

Groomer was IMPRESSED!

My groomer was totally impressed with how well it worked on a double coated Corgi. She said the only drawback is that she would need gallons of it in order to use it at the shop. I came back to mommy shiny, soft and smelling sweet!

Stain & Odor Severe Mess
Brittany Hammock

I purchased the odor eliminator and the stain remover. I haven't tried the stain remover but the odor eliminator works great!

So far so good

I have a ferret. Even though his stink glands were removed he still leaves a slight odor behind on his blankets and bed. They are very sensitive to smell so I was apprehensive at first. I sprayed his entire habitat and let dry before putting him back in. He was fine. Didn’t bat an eyelash. I was surprised at how well it worked. Next time I will saturate to see the difference it makes from the light all over spray I did the first time. I am sure I will be a repeat buyer.

Laundry Booster
Julie Johnson
Good product

I washed bedding with this laundry booster and it looks and smells better that with detergent alone.

Absolutely the Best

With a cat rescue we always look for a safe product to use for cleaning and bathing our little ones well look no further this product is the best it does what it says it will I cant believe how it gets rid of the smell and cleans really good I will use no other product im sold

Urine & Odor Destroyer
Jessica Fultz
So good!!!

The shampoo smells soooo good and it actually stays in my dogs coat! He smelled like vanilla for several days. The laundry booster is also heavenly. We use it for every load of laundry because we have 2 dogs.

Awesome effective pet stain remover.

We got a new puppy and this comes with accidents. I don’t know what I would do without m.barc

Pet Order Eliminator

I love this product going to try out more products it is a great price and you get what you pay for awesome company!

Pet odor eliminator

I haven't used it much yet,but it seems to work good.

Perfect after a day at the beach